save energy

Our aim is to ensure our clients pay a
fair price for the energy they consume

  • CHECK AND VERIFY - electricity bills
  • DETERMINE - correct tariff structures
  • ANALYSE - alternative tariff structures
    and recommend changes
  • ANALYSE - load factors
  • MEASURE - power factor
  • RECOMMEND - load shedding or shifting

MV/LV Projects

MV/LV Projects Upgrading and extending Switchboards. Replacement of obsolete Switch Gear Panels. Retrofitting of old Switchgear.

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Transformer Services

Transformer Services Supply and Installation of Transformers. Analyzing oil is a unique way of identifying problems occurring within...

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Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction What is power factor correction? The measure of a electrical systems efficiency is known as power factor...

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Harmonics What are the sources of harmonics? Electronic equipment such as personal computers, Battery chargers...

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Metering By being able to carry out a detailed analysis of the electrical energy consumption in turn reduces running costs.

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Substation Services

Substation Services Substation services cover areas such as Circuit Breaker Services (Oil, VCB, ACB, SF6), Circuit Breaker Speed Tests...

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Protection Relays

Protection Relays The function of the protection relay is to detect a dangerous condition in the circuit being monitored...

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Switch Gear

Switch Gear Essential to any operation. Largely neglected No Power, No production! Switchgear is the heart of any operation ...

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Thermal Survey

Thermal Survey Electrical Faults Are Killers In Disguise. The failure of electrical components could be catastrophic, injury ...

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